Dragon Heart


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Name: Iris
Age: 10 (BW)/12 (BW2)
Birthday: June 21st
Hometown: Opelucid City 
Occupation: Former Gym Leader/Unova Champion


  • Iris’ natural talent for training dragon types was eventually noticed by Drayden. Iris often went to Opelucid City when she was old enough to go out on her own. After several encounters and a couple of Pokemon battles, Drayden offered Iris the opportunity to become his apprentice to the Opelucid Gym, a position that she humbly accepted.
  • Like most young children, Iris is energetic and easily excitable. She loves traveling and meeting new people. However, due to her gym leader duties, she doesn’t travel too far but often goes to Castelia because the big city excites her. She also enjoys visiting Nimbasa City, Lacunosa Town and Undella Town (for vacations).
  • Iris gets along well with the female gym leaders of Unova and the League Champion, Alder. She is on friendly terms with Burgh, Brycen and the Striaton brothers, often visiting their cafe. Clay intimidates her, so she doesn’t try to talk to him unless prompted to.
  • Drayden is basically a father figure to her, having known him for several years. She learned a lot about training Dragon type Pokemon from him and his wife.

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